Plants and Crops

Commercial agriculture in practice, with over 1,000 acres of land, we plant and grow different varieties of crops including wheat, corn, soybeans etc. Our mission is to contribute towards global good health, alleviating poverty and hunger by producing accessible, affordable, nutritious, food and agricultural products.


Available in our farm ready to be harvested. Wheat is widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. After being processed, it can be used to  make bread, pasta, cake, crackers, cookies, pastries, flour, and many other foodstuffs.


Taking a closer look at the biggest corn field nationwide, we produce tons of corns annually. We also have enough storage bans to preserve the seeds for the subsequent seasons to come.

Seed Production

High-quality seed is fundamental to modern agriculture. Most annual crops are established each season from seeds, and seed quality can have a major impact on potential crop yield. Dimsale Global Platform takes proper care of all the necessary and strict attention given to the maintenance of genetic purity and other qualities.

Farm Overview