General Contracting

We accept general contracts in areas of procurement, construction works, building materials, manpower and labor contracting, equipment hiring and logistics. The afore-mentioned area constitutes part of our core competencies.


Dimsale Global Platform Limited has experts in negotiation, sourcing and procurement. Our dedicated team of procurement experts are partners to major suppliers of engineering materials, equipment’s and Machinery.

Construction Works

We are involved in the construction of state-of-the-art architectural construction and innovative designs. We deliver on projects such as corporate office facility, healthcare facility, public markets, industrial buildings and several others

Building Materials

We are key players in the procurement of building materials for construction projects. Our expertise has earned us several partnerships with some key construction contractors in the industry and beyond.

Manpower & Labor Contracting

We take the burden of labor sourcing and contracting off organization’s desk, by providing a pool of highly trained and competent manpower at affordable cost.

Equipment Hire

Never run out of equipment’s again for your engineering projects. We have a range of quality equipment that will save cost for your organization, available for leasing and hiring at a discounted cost.