Dimsale Global Platform Limited offers a wide range of engineering services, designed to meet our clients every need. The areas of our services were strategically handpicked to suit our core competencies, which enables us to effectively deliver quality service to our esteemed clients.

Mechanical & Maintenance Services

We have built a strong reputation in areas of mechanical and maintenance engineering services, providing clients with opportunities to fully optimized their engineering processes, reduce cost and shorten project timelines.

Electrical & Electronics Services

When it comes to developing robust solutions for electrical challenges, electrical power and motor control system and hands-on electrical projects, you can count on our experts on effective service and timely delivery.

Oil Spill Clean-Up

Dimsale Global Platform Limited has developed a solid track record when it comes to oil spill response and remediation. We have team of experts specially trained and well-equipped control land, swamp and off-shore pollution accidents.